Friday, 30 December 2016

Winter in Grey

Rare picture of me smiling

Of course, following my announcement that there wasn't gonna be one, there had to be another post in these final days of 2016. T_T 
Here's to my latest look post:

Beret : & Other Stories | Top : H&M | Jeans : H&M  | Shoes : Vagabond | Coat : H&M Collection
What do you think of the vintage filters I've used on the two photos above? 

I hope you've, despite the lack of words, enjoyed this post. 

xx  Micky 


Thursday, 29 December 2016

Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year!

Pine scent from the Christmas tree fills the living room I'm sitting in with my macbook on my lap, a cup of chai tea in my hand and a plate of home made christmas biscuits in front of me. ~ Yes, I'm typing with one hand. ~ The Christmas days are just over and I'm the most relaxed I've been in quite a while, hence finally writing this blog post.
But I don't wanna waste this post to bore you talking about all the stuff I've been busy with, instead, I wanna wish you a belated Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year (as I most likely won't post before the 1st of 2017 anymore)!

And coming to speak of the new year, I have so many resolutions:
- to expect less & prepare more
- to judge less & respect more
- to complain less & thank more
- to regret less & smile more
- and of course to travel more :)

What are your new years resolutions? 
And did you have any snow for Christmas where you live? 

xx  Micky 


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Jupiter's AW16 favourites

Jupiter's AW16 Wishlist

Hey there, already done with your annual winter shopping? No? Then I hope my latest collage might be a little inspiration for you. My personal favourites this AW are oversized wool coats <3 Not only do they keep you warm but they are also the absolute trend this winter (and you are almost certainly gonna look cute in them!) followed by (velvet) chokers & brooches as the accessories of the season. I'm also planning to get myself a nice pair of gloves and ankle boots for the colder days to come ~ warm gloves and scarves are especially essential if you live in an area with cold winds (like me). Make-up-wise it's matte all the way. What I love most about this seasons dominant fashion trends is that they are not only "pretty to look at" but actually also functional so you surely won't freeze this winter! :3

Quote of the Day
 "If you try to be something you're not you'll end up being nothing." - Unknown

What are your AW16 favourites? Let me know in the comments below! 

xx  Micky 

P.S.: I'm sooo sorry for being so inactive those past months! I sincerely hope to find back to my old posting rhythm soon! 
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